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Mirin's graphics!
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Icons by Mirin!
Come check out icons and other graphics made by static_star18!

What I'll beautifi! (aka fandoms)
Power Rangers, Degrassi, As The World Turns, American Idol, fanart, Jon and Kate + 8, stock pictures, singers, actors, models, and anything you request! Just leave a comment with a picture(s) or a link to the picture(s) you want me to icon for you.

What's posted here?
Most of the posts are just icons. However, I have made friends only banners, profile pictures, and wallpapers. I don't do colorbars, sorry.

Friending policy and rules!
Everything's public, but friend if you want. I won't friend back, however. If you take anything made by me, please credit everafter_icons in the comments or in your profile. If the image is made by someone else, credit me and that person. Don't hotlink, and comment! Oh, and enjoy. ^_^;